A National Roundhouse/turntable Inventory
(including some foreign countries)

(Inventory Organization)

Our image names are organized in the following manner:

   - The State abbreviation is the first two characters. 
- The next set of characters is a city/town name.
- The next is a numeric indicating the number for roundhouse/turntable found at this location.
- The next set of characters is "optional" and may or may not be present. These characters indicate the road name. As we get more time we will fill in this field for as many sites as possible.
- The next set of characters is the viewing system used to acquire the image. (If not present, Google Earth is assumed.) Other imaging systems that we use include: MSN - Maps and Directions(Virtual Earth) Terra - Terraserver TNM - The National Map.
- The next set of characters are optional, as indicated by the word "Special", and is provided if we were able to capture a MSN perspective image. Usually these perspective images have great resolution plus with an angle view point side details are revealed.
- Sometimes we include more than one perspective image for a particular site. In this case, we then tag the image with a numeric after the word "Special". We use "Special" to provide difference scales (zoom). (Currently we a converting some of these to the below "Sp" designation.) - Sometimes instead of using "Special" we will use "Sp" with a cardinal direction. For example, "SpN' meaning MSN perspective image looking "towards" the North. We provide all the cardinal directions that are available, i.e, N-E-W-S. We use "Sp" to portray direction.

As an example on the first page, ILJoliet1, the image is of a Roundhouse/turntable located at Joliet Illinois. This is the first roundhouse/turntable we have located at Joliet, thus the number "1" at then end of the city name. We have not decided on a road name yet, thus no road name is present (maybe we will identify a road name when we have more time to research). And the image originally came from Google Earth, i.e., the default of no imaging system name present. Using this naming convention, you can easily go to the State of your choice and look for your favorite city.

In addition we have several directories We have also started an inventory for several counties as indicated by the directories named after a particular country. Another directory entitled "other" is where we have placed some interesting images that are in question as to what they actually are or have some other associated railroad point-of-interest.