The VA Railyard

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A National Roundhouse Inventory

Roundhouses and turntables used to be and sometimes still are an integral part of engine maintenance. In this section we attempt to document the locations of these railroad facilities.

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Southern/NW Excursions

Norfolk and Western Railroad and Southern Railroad, now Norfolk Southern Railroad, have provided many memorable railfan excursions. Some of these excursions are represented here.

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Late 1960s and 1980s RF&P Yard

These pictures were taken at the Richmond Fredericksburg and Potomac (RF&P)railyard in Alexandria Virginia during the late 1960s and 1980s.

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Static Displays

Most pictures here are of static displays of non-operational equipment found in parks. Parks contain older railroad equipment which can be a source of historical information on equipment configurations and dimensions. With these exhibits, one can actually see the "real" thing.

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Railroads in Action

This selection portrays various Eastern railroads in action, including early AMTRAK take over of equipment from other railroad passenger service.

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Railroad Structures

The Southern Railroad structures support and have supported many railroad activities. After a railroad has pulled up its tracks often times structures are left standing, like buildings and bridges. Here I have included images of a roundhouse, a trestle, and a station.

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