The VA Railyard 

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A National Roundhouse Inventory

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Late 1960s RF&P Yard

1980s RF&P Yard

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These WEBpages describe the railroad as it was and as it is today. This WEBsite's mission statement is to describe and document the past and current status of today's railroads. Many of the pictures were taken in the Northern Virginia area from about the late 1960s to the present. However, many other locations throughout the country and the world are also included. Several contributors have participated and their names are listed. Where no name is found, the contributor is Bob Clark. Short notes are provided containing additional information or describe some of our experiences. Additional Webpages will be added from time to time.

Featured 2015 N&W J611 Video and Slide Show
by Bill



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Brief History of New York City Transportation

Featured link to a railroad history article,
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Railroads in Texas from Fort Worth, TX, and Beyond!

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Model Railroads and Freight Cars

Additional Featured Videos

Freight and Passeenger Trains

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