The Virginia Muscle Car

Sarah's Mustang of the today

(Sarah's NEW "Ticket RED" 2005 Mustang GT)

Sarah traded in her 2002 6 cylinder Mustang for this 2005 Mustang GT. I think Uncle Andy (the retired Police Officer) jokingly refers to a car that has red paint as "Ticket Red." However, Sarah is a good driver. Once Andy saw these pictures he said, "Give me Ticket Red!" She made her daddie proud and bought this car on her own. She made her own decision to buy another Mustang but this time a new Muscle Car - the Ford Mustang GT. It is a 60's Muscle Car with updates.

The interior dash really has the retro look and feel with analog gauges instead today's common digital. Sarah likes changing the guages rgb value to make the instrument colors suit her moods. She loves the leather interior too.

Just look at those mag wheels - real sharp and 17 inch too.

Here is the latest Mustang GT engine - the business end. The engine is a 4.6L (281ci) V8. It also has an automatic. The 05 is already in Grand AM races and in many ways remind me of the original 65 Shelby. Besides Sarah's "Ticket Red," there is a white one with the dark blue racing strips that looks cool.

On the GT, the front has the retro rally fog light package, but the back of the car reminds me of the back of a 68 Mustang. I guess this is what you can afford when you are young, single, and working "four" jobs ... You know that reminds me, I had a 65 Mustang convertable and Andy also had a couple of Mustangs back in the 70s. He used to call them Rustangs ... Sarah thought you would like to have the official WEBsite for the Mustang.

This former cheerleader and coach also conceal carries in her Coach purse ... Background music on this page is "Sarah" by Fleetwood Mac (a public domain synthesized version) ~Bob(THE Dad)

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