The Virginia Muscle Car

Randy's 75 Corvette

(1975 Corvette/C3)

I bought this 75 corvette couple of months ago, for a great price. Kind of complements my XKE effort , which I have put on the back burner for a while. One of the first things I wanted to do with the 75 was to get a good way of getting it off the ground safely without braking the bank. So I purchased a pair of QuickJack lifts. Simple and easy to use and install. They are pictured in the below images. They are kind of like having two scissors lifts, ran by a common hydraulic pump. Lifted the 75 21" off the floor in nothing flat. I'm kinda stoked about it, The downside is that now I can see how much work cleaning and wire brushing and replacing brake & fuel lines is in front of me. Oh well, I gotta start somewhere.

The previous owner got on a bridge with some water laying on it and spun it around, catching all 4 corners. That was the night before putting it into long term storage. Hopefully my bumper covers will be in in the next couple days and I can fit the bodywork to them when I'm finished with the underside. The underside is going to take a little while, I'm afraid. More to come later. ~Randy

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