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Steve's 2015 Challenger.

On Jan 30, 2017 I bought a 2015 Dodge Challenger RT, red with a black interior and 20 inch chrome wheels. It is my third and last Challenger and probably my last car all together. The real Redline Red Metallic does not show up particularly good in these pictures.

It has the 5.7 liter Hemi with 372hp 400 lb-ft, and has the 8 speed automatic.

This is what the black interior looks like.

The center console area is rather interesting also, along with you being able to see the shifter. If you go to the M you have some limitrd gear changing capabilities or if you are in the normal status to the right side, it will just do the work. Also there is the sport mode which, I think, works better if you are driving 45 mph or so. The sport mode turned off works very nice out on the highway at 65 or 70 mph. Also notice the start/stop button on the dash. That is how the car is turned on and off. Never had that before. For the transmission based car, a foot on the break is needed to start the car by pushing the button but not to cut it off. Took me a few tries to get used to this approach. Anyway, it is a neat thing to use.

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In the center dash are what I have looked at thus far. I play the music stuff the most, keep the climate as I like it, and have tested the controls stuff such as warming or cooling seats, etc. This is some pretty neat stuff and there is lots more for me to work on in that whole group of things. It is overall called uConnect and so far I don't know much about it all but am learning some along the way. Means I gotta think and that, for me, is rather strange.

Finally, having previously owned several 1970s muscle cars, e.g., 1970 and 1974 Challengers and 1973 Trans AM , I think I really like this 2015 Challenger. ~SS

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