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Titling A Replica Kit Car

(Building a Factory Five Daytona Kit Car)

Once I found out Shelby had made a Coupe and a kit version was available from Factory Five (FF) , I considered building one. I then started to take a closer look at the details of this kit, from a car-guy and engineer's point of view. There are other kits but the cost/performance ratio and quality made this kit look good to me. In addition, Shelby must think Factory Five makes a good kit; so much so that he had to gone to court twice to sue FF for infringement rights, but has failed both times. So in June of 2009, I had a confirmed order and in several months finished building a garage (somewhere to build the kit and also house my wife's car). The pieces started arriving by truck in January and they are in my new garage now. I am organizing and taking inventory of the things I need and developing a schedule (all subject to change as family things arise). Over the next few months I will provide pictures of my progress, so stay tuned.

UPDATE: For the most part, the car is completed. I have since made some adjustments and debugged the engine. The cam is a COMP Cams XE274HR with COMP Cams hydraulic roller lifters and roller rocker arms. The below link is a 10 sec video of the engine running. I am very pleased with the way the car turned out.

Directly below are three videos of my car running. These are Youtube videos so unfortunately you will have to deal with commercials, just like on TV.

Select to go to more pictures Video1 of engine running

Select to go to more pictures Video2 of engine running

Select to go to more pictures Video3 of riding in cab

The next two videos are about the orginal development of the Cobra and Daytona with interviews of Carrol Shelby, Dan Gurney, and others. ~George

Select to go to more pictures Cobra/Daytona Development 1

Select to go to more pictures Cobra/Daytona Development 2

(Kit as delivered)

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Titling A Replica Kit Car

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