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George's Six Deuces/Manifold Rebuild

Started another project - Like many of us I also have pleasant memories of the 50s, 60s, and 70's hot rods, muscle and classic cars. As Bob has said, we were fortunate to have been a part of this time period. During this time, I built several cars, some on very limited budgets. The first engine swap I built, during the 60s was a '53 Mercury w/ Olds 324ci OHV with six deuces. I put this engine in a couple of cars (see previous 1960s hardware) I still like that manifold/carbs configuration (“Classic”) even today -brings back many fond memories- so I decided to purchase and then rebuild and reconstruct my exact same 6x2 carb setup, for display. So over the next months, with Bob's encouragement, I'll provide status of this 2016 effort, for your perusal.

Status as of 02/01/17

Status as of 01/01/17

Status as of 11/23/16

Status as of 11/06/16

Status as of 10/13/16

Status as of 06/07/16

When I was developing these WEBpages, I was reminded of this car like it was yesterday because I live 3 blocks from the subdivision construction site trailer office where I first drove car, after completing engine swap, to get my last paycheck. I believe I quit HS summer job at end of summer, did the engine swap and first drove car here from Alex (~10 mi) to get final paycheck one week later. I do remember I left hood off car when I drove here - lots of chrome air cleaners to show-off. Car was my 12th grade daily driver; thus did engine swap/carb work, etc., at age 17. Actually, my first drive in the Daytona Coupe went by the same location as the subdivision construction site trailer office.

I drove this car that fall to York, PA US 30 drag-way for Saturday night drag races (was an NHRA track that used an airport runway; saw Bill Jenkins and other early racers) On way back, clutch linkage broke and I had to drive through down town Baltimore MD (Charles Street, etc.) w/o clutch. This was possible because of light, very late night traffic. I was able to pace speed for traffic lights.

I had to make several modifications out of necessity. My clutch disc exploded and also broke 6 transmissions in about 12 months with this car. I once floored car in 1st gear going up a hill and destroyed 1,2,3 and reverse gears (a new record :) ) - early Ford trans was not made for this HP; went to later year Mercury trans. I also had a custom replacement Mercury clutch lever made with a stronger steel alloy by Jensen Machine Shop in Alexandria, VA. Was using a T-Bird clutch that had stronger pedal effort. ~George

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