The Virginia Muscle Car

George's Daytona of Today

My Daytona Coupe with period correct graphics (vinyl decals)
applied. See more coupe photos
with graphics at

The most difficult vinyl decal to apply was the stripe on the hood
where there are raised contours. The decal stripes were replaced
with VViViD self-adhesive automotive vinyl wrap material.

Rear vinyl wrap strips, work in progress.

Vinyl wrap applied to rear deck.

Rear deck vinyl installed. Note: The stripe continues through to
the lower panel. I have a Shelby model that shows this layout.

Rear View.

VViViD automotive vinyl wrap material

Used Finish Line Knifeless cutting string to cut vinyl and leave clean
sharp edges.

Original Daytonas with Graphics.

I have three models of the Daytona. I used them to find where to place
the graphics. The above is one of those models.

And another one, the above, is signed by Peter Brock, the car designer. ~George

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