The Virginia Muscle Car

(George's Trophy Win)

The American Horticultural Society at River Farm held car shows this summer
and fall. Cars and Coffee, Alexandria was a sponsor of the summer show.
On June 16 2019 I entered the show and won a trophy "River Farm Car Show

Below are pictures of my car. Trophy is in the first picture.

Below are some more pictures I took of other cars.

Here are some Facebook links to the same show with lots of pictures.

"Coffee & Cars Facebook link"

"Coffee & Cars Facebook link 2"

"Coffee & Cars Facebook link 3"

Two car shows (Summer and Fall) were held at The American Horticultural
Society Headquarters, River Farm, Alexandria and were in part sponsored
by Cars and Coffee, Alexandria. I entered the summer show on June 16 2019
and won a trophy, "River Farm Car Show EXCELLENCE AWARD". ~George

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