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Fire extinguisher foam type, CO2 powered. Lines run to fuel tank area and engine compartment, near fuel lines and pressure regulator. Plexiglass () grey - for sun heat shield cuts about 50% sun light and should help AC cooling. Openings are for shoulder belts.

Methanol injector kit.

Lots of custom work to build this car. Aluminum tray for battery is .060. Oil cooler with fan allows control of cooling; cooling may not be needed in winter. All brackets are hand made. Oil cooler brackets welded to frame. Battery is about 6 x 9 x9; weighs 21 lb and has 642 CCA; is AGM type.

White tank is for 50/50 methanol mix; anti-siphon solenoid (runs with motor) is used since methanol nozzle is after throttle plate. Pump motor is 150 psi makes for fine spray; see carb spacer in previous picture.

Hood with lights. Hood is installed on hinges. All wiring completed. Connectors added so that hood can be removed. Head lights have internal Amber LEDs for turn signal; also small round light has Amber 360-deg LED light; socket was changed - attached with epoxy and sealed with Silicon caulk. Want lights for safety.

Just barely visible is Amber side marker light LED and DOT approved; used Duplicolor chrome blackout paint. ~George

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