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Making good progress - considering all is custom (fuel system & fuel tank).

Fuel system complete up to front foot box. All lines run, inertia safety switch installed, AN hoses, etc. Includes use of charcoal vapor recovery cannister. (Located a solenoid valve (Mustang GT ~ '95) to connect manifold vacuum via with switch to purge tank. Will keep gas odor out of garage)

Brake: rear disc brakes complete (will finish emergency brake tomorrow - custom w/ LOKAR handle instead of mustang donor parts.

All rear brake hard lines have been formed/bent and run up to midway on frame and attached with ss clamps and screws. Looks good & took alot of time to do right. Book says use rivits - Instead, I drilled and tapped screw holes in frame and used ss #8 screws. Same for fuel line clamps.

Brake callipers installed & brake hose clearance checked at full upper travel of differential.

Rear trunk floor panels modified for fill pipe to new tank & storeage bins. (Need to assemble floor before I can take pic - and note - this had to wait until brake lined and e-brack mods were complete. Also had to weld 1.25" x 8" angle iron bracket for relocated emergency brake cables.)

E-brake will be done tomorrow; had to order 2 clevis yolks. This is probably the most complicated assembly phase of this kit because of custom work. Will be much clearer with pics. In any case, work is done and I am satisfied with the result. ~George

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