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Bill's 57 Chevy of Today



I ran into a guy down my way at a car cruze recently that is into 57 Chevy’s ... He has two 57 Chevy’s and a 59 Cadallac convertible. He wanted to sell one of the 57’s so I went over to his place to see the car and ended up staying four hours. The 57 he has for sale came from California and he took the engine and trans out, repainted it, etc, etc… Over the coming months, he and I are going to put it back together and then I drive it home. Bottom line, it’s a project car in terms of putting it back together but its solid, all the parts are there including the motor, trans, interior, etc.. I will send you some pictures of the car as it currently sits and then feed you some pictures as it moves along…. It will look something along the lines of the above picture. Above is setup for racing, mine will be driven on the street but the color and style are about the same…. I am dropping the car two inches front and rear, makes it look better… Should be a fun project and will have it done in time to do some cruze in’s next spring… ~Bill

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