The Virginia Muscle Car

Another of Andy's Vette(s) of Today

(07 Convertible, 350/400hp, Auto)

One day in Spetember 2007, AJ called me at work. He said, "You'll never guess what I have done?" I said, "You do a lot of things and I have no place to start - what's up?" Andy then said he traded in that Z350 Nissian "foreign" sissy car for a new 07 black 400hp Vette. He was a very happy good ole hotrodder that day. Andy did great - again!!! When we were growing up he always had a neat car and this is probably his favorite - mine too.

Here Andy has taken some pictures at Antietam of his new acquistion. (I think that is the war we won - at least that is what Andy and my Southern wife tell me ... :)

AJ got into it a couple of time and told me that it hugs the road like the tires had glue. He said there are two adjustments to the suspension. All you have to do is to toggle a switch and you have a suspension that is for the street or for the track. He also said it has a heads-up display on the windshield.

Richard and Andy told me that when they went to a local car show and were both decended upon by car fans: Richard had the Mopar group looking at his 68 R/T "Bullett" Charger and the local chapter of the Corvette Club of America asked Andy to join. Andy never joined anything like this in the past, but now that he has some time, he and his wife can make some new memories. In addition, Andy got an automatic so his wife could drive it and enjoy her half ownership. ~Bob

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