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Another of Andy's Mustang(s)

(Andy's 08 Bullitt Mustang)

I bought this Bullitt Mustang new in 2008. My close friend Richard and I are great fans of the 1968
Classic movie Bullitt . Steve McQueen(a SFPD Detective) was in that 1968 movie where there was,
arguably, the best car chase scene ever. The 68 Bullitt Mustang(simular to my 08 Bullitt) chased the
Black 68 Charger (Simular to Richard's 68 R/T "Bullitt" Charger) , through the hilly sreets of San
Francisco. What a Great Movie!

Speaking of, I found several interesting Bullitt Mustang videos. The first three links are from
Facebook. You will have to log into your existing Facebook account or setup a new Facebook
account in order to watch these videos. It is worth it! The last link comes directly from the WEB
so all you need is a browser. In the Facebook videos Steve McQueen's Granddaughter, Molly
McQueen, the original Bullett Mustang, and the 2018 Bullitt Mustang are featured. Molly and
the 2018 Bullitt Mustang are pictured directly below.

In the below video link, Molly is in a new Bullitt Mustang. She races a new Charger for the last
parking space in a building parking lot ... movie style.

Molly's New Bullitt Mustang Racing a New Charger

In the below second video link Molly, Steve Brant (Ford), and the current owner of the original
Bullitt Mustang discuss the new and the original Bullitt Mustangs.

Steven Brant Presentation

The third video features the current owner and several other notable people discussing the original
Bullitt Mustang.

Historic Vehicle Association

The below last link is an interview with Jay Leno in which you can tell he is having fun in
the orignial Bullitt Mustang.

Interview with Jay Leno

Back to my 2008 Bullitt. The above is the business end of a 2008 Bullitt's the drive train. It has a
4.6-liter V-8 engine with 315 @ 6000 and torque of 325 @ 4250. It also has is a 5-sp manual trans
with a 3.73:1 rear end (instead of the stock GT's 3.31:1) and a top speed of 151 mph.

The Interior of my Bullitt mimics the original 68 Bullitt Mustang but with modern updates.

This car has been one of my favorite musclecars to drive !!!

For thoses that have seen the movie Bullitt, here are a couple of tribues: Richard's Charger and my 08
Bullitt pictured above. We have even had fun driving on Roanoke's Bullitt Avenue, which was
named after the Movie.

And now to continue with the family Mustang theme; my wife took possession of this new GT black
convertible in 2016.

Yup, my wife and I like Mustangs.

Video of Officer Bullitt(Steve McQueen) chasing the bad guys.

Since Officer Bullitt(Steve McQueen) is no longer with us, an Officer in a Bullitt Mustang
had to step up. So I volunteered. (Photoshop fun)

Lastly, there is an International Mustang Bullitt Owners Club in which you can
become a member and it has all kinds of great Bullitt and Mustang information. ~Andy

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