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Alan's 66 Mustang Coupe

(66 Mustang Coupe)

I will be freshing up this 66 Mustang coupe. Originally, Dad bought it about 1970, then I talked him out of it and drove it to and from college from 1971 thru 1972. I modified the engine and drag raced it a little during this time. Then I went Utah using my other Mustang, a 69 Mach. I still have the Mach I also. I drove the 66 at least until 1975. And I think that is when Dad put it in the barn and this is what it looks like today, about 42 years later.

Originally it was a 289 2bbl. with auto trans. Since, I made the following mods:

- block was bored 0.30
- 351 Windsor heads with bigger valves and ports
- 12.5:1 TRW forged aluminum. pistons (est. 10:1 with the different heads) with floated wrist pins
- Clevite CL-77 bearings and chrome-moly rings
- Crower 290 degree, hydraulic street cam (mild)
- Weind Aluminum hi-rise 4bbl. intake
- Holley 4bbl. I tried a variety of hollies, 600-715-780cfm. The 600 seemed to work best on the street
- Mallory dual point distributor, heavy duty wires and silicone boots
- deepened oil pan +2qt. with heavy duty TRW oil pump
- Headman headers and cherry bomb mufflers

Trans was a C4 but not a true select-shift. It has been rebuilt/modified for race with upgraded valve body, clutches, bands etc. Rearend is a std. 8 open with 4.11 ring and pinion

I found and installed a correct Ford GT console, Rally-Pac, clock with tach, and GT wood grained steering wheel. In addition, arranged for air induction reverse hood scoop, ala Z-28 (Im a sick puppy)

If I remember correctly, it went high 14s at 99mph with street tires: H70-14 Goodyear Polyglas. More later ~Alan

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