The Virginia Muscle Car

Alan's 66 Mustang Coupe:Status as of 10/22/2017

(66 Mustang modified 289)

The 66 is a slow go. Fogged chambers and turned 20 revolutions. Seemed smooth and did not hear grinding. When the time comes may take the chance of trying to start it. Oil looked clean and new for being over 40 years old. I will probably change it out anyhow. Will try to move it into the garage for the winter in early November and may try to remove some of the old suspension (shocks, sway bars, etc). Small steps right now. Still have not figured out the floor pan situation yet will probably try to get the 69 Mach running in the spring. So much to try to do; I should probably try giving up sleeping, right!

In the above picture, I took the valve covers off and the rockers and top end look very good bright shiny and no rust. More later ~Alan

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