Southern's Alexandria Roundhouse

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Right side with Southern Mikado 4501

In the late 1960's and later the Southern Alexandria roundhouse was used by a lumber company to store lumber. The turntable pit had been filled in and the turntable long gone. I tried talking to Souther personnel about the structure. Not many of them knew what it was or when it was last used. These pictures were taken in the 80s. There is an old wye just in front of the roundhouse, where the turntable used to be. Excursion steam engines used the wye until it was abandon. After this point, the steam engines used to make runs down to Manassas to turn around at the Manassas wye. On the right, a building made out of brick looks like a machine shop. Southern's Alexandria diesel maintenance facilities are also off to the right. Shortly after 2000 this area was developed and highrise buildings replaced the roundhouse, diesel facility, and yard - much like what happened to the RF&P Alexandria yard.

In the late 60s, there was also another very old round house that was the end of this same yard and almost sat directly on Route 1. It was demolished about 1970 - I think because of a fire. The turntable would have had to been directly where Route 1 is now! I do not have any good photos of this older roundhouse, just a memory.

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